About The Kelowna CEDC


 The Kelowna Centre for Emergency Dental Care (CEDC) is grateful to our dental community for supporting a centralized emergency clinic. During this pandemic, dental offices have a high risk of spreading COVID-19 due to the creation of aerosols from dental procedures. On April 1, 2020 the ADA released a helpful and succinct summary here.

The path to creating a safe environment for dental treatment relies on research from a variety of institutions.  At this time, information is changing quickly and there are conflicting interpretations of expert opinions. In light of this uncertainty, the Kelowna CEDC has decided to follow the recommendations of health authorities that have adopted the most stringent protocols.  

As the understanding of COVID-19 evolves, expert advice has shifted to recommend that we treat ALL patients as if they are COVID positive.  The Kelowna CEDC has therefore adopted Level 3 PPE requirements, as suggested by the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology for all Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures (AGMP) in symptomatic, COVID-positive, or unknown patients. These are the same guidelines that are currently being used by KGH for all aerosol generating procedures. 

Level 3 PPE includes:

  • Negative pressure room (Kelowna CEDC achieves 13 ACH) with minimal personnel
  • Individually fit tested N95 masks for all staff in treatment room with second surgical mask
    and attached face shield or goggles
  • Double fluid repellent gown
  • Head cover including neck protection
  • Double gloves
  • Appropriate donning and doffing procedures 

Alongside our local dental associations, we are currently assisting other communities in BC with setting up their own regional centres. This system of regional centres is being adopted in other provinces across Canada, including Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.

The understanding of COVID-19 is constantly growing, and we will continue to adopt the best practices for the health of our patients, staff, and the greater community.

Please find a detailed description of the Kelowna CEDC Infection Control and PPE setup here.